Project Management, Global Product Rollout, Major Pharmaceutical Company

The Evanston Group came in under budget and saved the company over $700,000 in the excessive costs…
Our client’s Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) wanted to build a repeatable process for global product rollouts.

New Product Marketing Strategy, Global Healthcare Economics/Market Access

The client received a Comprehensive Analysis Report and a sound go-to-market strategy
The head of Global Healthcare Economics and Market Access for a multi-billion dollar medical device firm is in the process of upgrading an existing device for a new indication unprecedented in the field. 

Business Process, Medical Device Product Rollout

With the help of the newly high-performing teams, our client company exceeded their annual approved submission goals by 100% where profit margins could be as high as 90%.

The General Manager of a major supplier of hospital infusion devices needed to build out a new revenue-generating business unit for implementing technology-based infusion devices at hospital sites. He needed a very short time-to-market for this highly competitive product.

Program & Project Leadership, Company Spin-Off, Life Sciences

For each consultant needed, we provided an average of 1.8 candidates within a two-day
turnaround timeframe, with a 99% success rate in matching the right professionals
to the roles.
We worked with the C-Suite of a major pharmaceutical firm that was being spun-off from its parent company. The SEC required the spin-off to become a completely stand-alone entity within a tight two-year timeframe. If that timeframe was not met, the company would face heavy taxation and disappointed shareholders.

Global Product Expansion, Executive and Team Coaching

Using our process, the client was able to successfully complete more than fifty hospital implementations while reducing the time-to-market to eight-to-twelve weeks per site.
We worked with the VP of the R&D business unit of a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company charged with global expansion of more than 100 drugs.

Global Supplier Quality Compliance, Life Sciences

The CEO’s Number One initiative was completed on time and was nominated for Project Of The Year Award

The Director of Supplier Quality in a 10+B medical device firm needed to remediate supplier issues where the FDA had issued a consent decree barring the sale of some of the company’s upgraded products.

Global Product Expansion, Executive Global ERP Rollout to 110 Countries

The corporate CFO personally awarded the TEG Program Manager.
The VP of Global Operational Readiness in a $40B Pharmaceutical firm, was charged with rolling out an Enterprise Resource Planning system to 110 countries within an impossibly tight timeframe and on a tight budget.

Management Consulting, International Transfer Pricing Best Practices, Major Pharmaceutical

The project will save the company millions in inappropriate tax expenses as well as significantly improve the accuracy of product pricing on a global basis.
We worked with the CFO of a leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare products company on a project to standardize financial systems and practices.