Experience to drive complex projects on time and on budget.

Project Management, Global Product Rollout, Major Pharmaceutical Company

Our client’s Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) wanted to build a repeatable process for global product rollouts.

They needed to avoid the excessive costs, redundancies, and communication issues associated with having separate project managers for each region. Internal resources lacked the skills and time to sit within the PMO and build this overall process.

We quickly provided with client with a swat team for the effort: a Sr. Project Manager / Communications Specialist, a Junior Project Manager, a Training Specialist, and an Applications Testing Specialist.

Over a period of 8 months, the team built a migration process that included a change management plan, a communication and training plan, application compatibility measures, templates, and ownership. They delivered this process to all offices and provided a method for reporting statuses via an online, automated dashboard.

This project was recognized by the PMO’s customers as the best rollout they had undergone and suggested that it should be a prototype for all other global deployments.

The Evanston Group came in under budget and saved the company over $700,000 in the excessive costs it would have incurred from using multiple, dispersed PMs for this global rollout.

Program & Project Leadership, Healthcare

We worked with the C-Suite of a major pharmaceutical firm that was being spun off from its parent. In order to meet shareholder goals to avoid heavy taxation, the SEC required the spin-off to become a completely stand-alone entity within a tight 2-year timeframe.

An evaluation determined that cloning the parent company’s systems was too expensive to maintain long-term. Our Client decided to implement SAP from scratch for most of the systems and for others they would work to disentangle the maze of systems from the parent firm.

They needed a large number of the kinds of leaders that were well versed in both business and technology and could be thrown at moving targets and undefined problems.

Their Systems Integrator and major staff augmentation firm could not provide them the right people with strong PM, IT and SAP skills on a timely enough basis.

The Evanston Group was engaged and we became a major player in the two-year effort, providing over 78 interim Program & Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts to assist with virtually every aspect of the separation over the next 2 years.

They were able to quickly come up to speed on complicated undefined problems, work with multiple entities to develop solutions, create project charters and then drive the projects to a timely completion. This enabled our Client to meet the required SEC deadlines.

For each role needed, we provided an average of 1.8 candidates within a 2-day turnaround timeframe with a 99% success rate in matching the right professionals to the roles. These professionals successfully led over 150 separate engagements.